Sunday, May 31, 2009


Canon EOS5D 1/125, f/4 ISO200mm 40mm Partial Metering

This is an interesting building and constructed in 1673? Love the simple colour scheme of the premises facade.


Canon EOS5D 1/5000 f/3.2 ISO320 200mm Evaluative Metering

Less in more with 4 colours combination. The ancient church building is still in tip-top condition and well maintained as it was built in 18 century by Portuguese during colonial time


Canon EOS5D 1/60 f/3.2 ISO200 200mm Partial Metering

Simple but colourful objects with a creative composition makes this image interesting.


Canon EOS5D 1/100, f/4 1/100 ISO500 40mm Partial Metering

This is what we mean by security in ancient China. wooden padlocks. Wonderful solid timber panel doors with classic security lock sets.


Canon EOS5D 1/50, f/4 ISO320 40mm Partial Metering

Classic oriental feel for passion, loves and intimacy. The bamboo branches add spices of vibrant colours to the image.


Canon EOS5D 1/400 f/2.8 ISO200 200mm Evaluative Metering

How would one feels with a gun barrel pointing at you? This images creates the feel of exactly that and the creamy pastel colour bokeh has manged to relate to human's nervousness of the "victim".


Canon EOS5D 1/4000 f/3.2 ISO320 200mm Evaluative Metering

This umbrella caught my eyes when the little girl walking pass the other side of the garden with a nice looking umbrella. The foreground is perfect for this image as it creates more colours as a whole.


Canon EOS5D 1/8000 f/2.8 ISO500 200mm Partial Evaluative

Simple plain looking image but convey and remind those who are confused to go back to basics of life...


Canon EOS5D 1/160 f/3.2 SIO200 200mm Evaluative Metering

This is a very simple shot with lanterns as the subject with a background created a nice bokeh with the help of a colour contrasting brown wooden window


Canon EOS5D 1/400 f/2.8 ISO100 200mm Partial Metering

This image was shot in the early evening with the sun blocked by St. Paul statue and with wonderful golden background/bokeh.


Canon EOS5D 1/13 f/4, ISO800 40mm

This a narrow metal desk steps of a spiral staircase shooting from upper floor. The saturation of the vibrant colours make this image more standout.

Confused & Lost

Canon EOS5D 1/1800 f/2.8 ISO100 200mm

Gloomy and down - even pigeons are confused & lost in direction at time! Hang in there.....!

Splashing Time

Canon EOS5D 1/1600 f/3.2 ISO500 200mm

Chose to use high shuttle speed for this shot to provide the water droplets and the drama......

It turns out well with the image.

Puppet's World

Canon EOS5D 1/50 f/3.2 ISO500 200mm

This shot was taken with EF200mm f/2.8L USM which provide the woonderful colour tone and bokeh.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Canon EOS-5D, 1/60, f/6.3, ISO500, 26mm

What a wonderful human creation... different shapes and sizes. It is so colourful.
All images shot with EF17-40mm f/4L lense.