Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bright Future

Canon EOS-5D, 50mm, f/5.6, 1/60s ISO200

Amazing sunflower with vibrant yellow colours and unbelievable complex nature reproduction system for continuity. The flower is so huge with a diameter of about 8 inches from edge to edge of petals. Love this....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Magical World

EOS5D, EF17-40mm, f/4, ISO500

Dusk Special - Love the sunset background, reflection and the calmness of this shot.

This Masquerade

EOS350D, EF17-40mm, f/4, ISO100

Spot highlight is one of the alternative technique in creating focus on certain subjects in an image and making them even more stand out. This image was shot at Melaka town during lunar new year where the town was decorated beatifully with oriental ornament even for the lamp posts.

Tail Chasers

EOS350D, 200mmm, 2x TC, f/2.8, ISO200

Zebra is one of the favourite subjects for photogs and this particular scene illustrates how playful these two young zebras were. This shot was taken after they were chasing each other at the Savannah for more tha 15 minutes.


Canon EOS350D, 200mm with 2x TC, ISO100, F2.8

This image was shot with a modest 350D and further cropped. I was stunned with the sharpness and tonality of this image. Creating this image in sepia makes this image even more interesting.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

B&W Wonders

Canon EOS5D, 1/60, f/5.6, ISO200

This is a beautiful sunflower in Sepia tone. Love the metallic white colour of the petals when it is in this tone. Th details of the image is amazing with this shot.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Speed King

Canon EOS 5D, 1/160Sec, F5.6, ISO250, 400.0 mm

This panning shot was taken at a shooting speed of 1/250s to ensure we get the feel of speed from the moving object image esp on the wheels.

Ferrari F-1 precision machine driven by Kimi Raikkonen was passing thru a sharp corner to dash on with his high speed F1 machine.


Canon EOS 5D, 1/1600Sec, F4.0, ISO100, 40mm

This image was shot at recent Internal Balloons Fiesta at Putrajaya. This glider caught my eyes when it was flying over the sky but the colours of the parachute and sky make thsi an interesting image.

Golden Dawn

Canon EOS 5D, 1/500Sec, F8.0, 200.0

It is always more failure than success in one's life journey but that does not stop us from trying and give our best as the next morning, the sun will always come out bright and shine, and Spring always comes after long & cold Winter without fail.

This image was shot near Gurney Drive Penang with the warm sun just rose from the horizon.

Homeward Bound

Canon EOS 5D, 1/400Sec, F8.0, ISO100, 200 mm

This image was captured at the beach near Gurney Drive Penang at dawn . Love the flight pattern formed by the birdies but it was a difficult shot as they started unannounced.


Canon EOS 5D, 1/125Sec, F5.6, ISO320, 400mm

FERRARI is my favourite team in F-1 GP, and I love their strong scarlet-red and their consistent performance over the years. Everybody loves a WINNER!

This panning shot was taken when Felipe Massa was rushing back to the pit lane after practicing laps. Love this horizon shot with green and greay bokeh.

F-1 Man & Machine in ONE

Canon EOS 5D, 1/100Sec, F8.0, ISO200, 400mm

It always amazes me with these machines and the skills of these F-1 drivers. This shot was taken at recent Sepang F-1 circuit. This particular panning shot was at Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes-McLaren Team contemplating a sharp corner next to the tower block.


EOS5D, 1/400Sec, F2.8, ISO Speed 200, 200.0 mm

This is a newborn and first from our garden. Sunflower is always the favourite subject for photogs due to its vibrant colours, and with pitch balck bakcground makes this flower even more stand out. This particular stalk with half of the petals fully blossom makes it more interesting.

Have a sunny day!